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Susana Lozano

Since I can remember, interior design has been   my passion, I dedicate myself to it as an extension of myself, a way of expressing myself and sharing my knowledge and aesthetic sensitivity. In each project I start a search   in which it is not just about decorating, but about creating environments and generating sensations, always in full empathy with my clients   and with the intent to make your dreams come true. A search for a special and unique project for each client and with which they feel identified.

I have been an interior designer for 25 years since I co-founded  Mercader de Indias in 1998, where I started practicing  mi passion.


In the year 2000, at the same time that I was developing interior design projects and  decoración, I began to collaborate as an interior designer  externa with the RBA group in making reports for the magazine of decoration EL MUEBLE, under the supervision of its director Natalia Klamburg and in 2001 for the magazine ARQUITECTURA Y DISEÑO with Soledad Lorenzo. 

My job was to decorate or complete the interior design of the chosen houses to leave them as a "magazine" and prepare them so that their team of photographers could make these reports.


In 2014, I opened my own Susana Lozano Miralles Interiorismo studio, a personal project in which I continue to develop and direct renovation, interior design and decoration projects for residential homes and spaces for professionals, such as Porcelanosa, Olivares, Gourmet Catering, wealth management, etc I have in my studio a team of technicians and professionals who are prepared and trained for the right support in each area, who share my passion  for interior design.

We are waiting for you in the studio, a 300 m2 space dedicated to interior design and decoration, in Valencia, where we will be happy to assist you and study your projects.







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