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Nobility, elegance and tradition, that evokes in my mind L'Antic Colonial. Eternal and authentic materials such as marble, natural stone and wood are the foundation of the existence of L'Antic Colonial. In this space, I project the image of L'Antic into the future, where these concepts come together with the avant-garde and design with the charcoal color of Habana Dark and wood, which provide modernity and sobriety, and the beige tones of the mosaics and Kayak natural stone in the wet areas.

The space has been conceived as a  spacious loft without divisions, where the only transition piece between the day and night areas is a free-standing cube where we place the bathroom.

The black color as a base, a contemporary and sober icon, contrasts with the golden and soft luminosity  of beige, creating an elegant and balanced dialogue.

“If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.”

– Frank Lloyd-Wright

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